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The four original Freakin residents all played individual nights from the early nineties and arrived together via different routes. Leo cut his teeth on Leeds pirate Dream FM and was a founder member of Pure Sheng, a tech house night that spawned a magazine and eventually a vinyl shop. Pat was resident at Less Stress, York's only heavyweight techno night, where he played alongside a lot of the big names in techno and honed his theory of dancefloor socialism. Jax is the record shop guru who spent the nineties playing Warp records in the backrooms of all the decent nights whilst dispensing quality underground house gems to a grateful public.  


And Rich... well, Rich was busy laying down the groove at York's notorious Arts centre, where he threw the first Freakin parties in '96 guided by a blueprint of quality underground house music and world class guests. He brought the Freaks together at the dawn of this century to create one cohesive night, and despite constant changes in venue, from working men's clubs to the backrooms of pubs, the central vibe has never altered. When Rich plays at Freakin, the floor is always full, the other lads love watching the crowd when he's on. The groove is hardwired into his brain. It doesn't matter where you stick him - behind the decks at a flash nightclub in LA or in a muddy field - he has done the same job for years. The saying is... In Clark We Trust.

The late noughties saw the addition of two more residents, both regulars from the Freakin floor whose own parties had caught the eye of the Freakin crew. Tor had been busy running the York based BoomChik, a chaotic mix of house, techno and disco and Ziph likewise with his house-centric Re:cession parties. 

Bolstered by this new blood and seventeen years young, Freakin continues to throw superior basement parties... 



Born in York’s notorious Art’s Centre way back in 1997. Freakin was and always has been aimed at all the real house heads who don’t care for the glitz of branded nights and pre programmed playlists....

It’s all about the music.

Meet the crew who pushed the sound of Detroit and Chicago, partying and playing at each others events to then fuse a close bond..this would be the roots of the future Freakin crew... .


Freakin's roots lie in the Northern tradition of losing yourself on a dancefloor after the stresses of the working week. It is a refuge of quality House music, fiercely proud of its open-minded attitude. Freakin provides the intimate and raw atmosphere of acid house for big hitting DJs on the circuit. They don't come for just another pay day; they come because they love the crowd. And that's why 17 years on the floor's still full.

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